President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit Texas Amid Floods


The First Family of America is a class act. Yesterday, President Trump and First Lady Melania flew into Texas, showing their support. Thrilled Texans welcomed the First Couple with cheers and open arms.

Turmoil In Texas

The plight of millions of Texans is trending national news. First and foremost, Hurricane Harvey is now responsible for the deaths of 12 people, as reported by NY Mag. Furthermore, millions of Texans had to evacuate their homes due to floods, seeking refuge at shelters and churches. One of the most pressing issues is lack of room to house everyone in need.

Reactions across the nation and the world are mostly compassionate. Many people expressed their concern and willingness to provide aid to help Texans recover. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Even Mexico offered to provide aid. U.S. civilians have donated and actively sent canned goods to Texas shelters.

On the flip side, other people have unfortunately taken advantage of Texans’ tragedy to spew hatred. [Former] University of Tampa professor Kenneth Storey was fired after labeling Hurricane Harvey as “instant karma” for Texans who supported Donald Trump or the Republican Party. Likewise, the Women’s March engendered similar criticism after tweeting out donation requests for exclusively Texan communities of colors.