CNA Financial Pays $40 million to Unlock Ransomware 


U.S. insurance giant CNA Financial paid $40 million dollars to unlock ransomware that hit its network in March. It has been reported that the hackers first demanded $60 million and the firm negotiated for a week to lower the ransom.

Law enforcement agencies are focusing on the issues. There are growing concerns that hackers are upping-the-ante and ransomware payouts are becoming larger and larger.

Unlock ransomware for a price

The CNA payment is one of the top three highest ransomware ransoms. Apple and Acer paid $50 million each to unlock ransomware after attacks this year. Reports claim Colonial Pipeline paid almost  $5 million ransom to hackers. Although this isn’t nearly as steep as the CNA payout. But it is almost triple the average ransom paid to unlock ransomware in 2020.

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CNA did not comment on the ransom payment. But they issued a statement saying the company “followed all laws, regulations, and published guidance, including OFAC’s 2020 ransomware guidance, in its handling of this matter.”