Comic Books: New version of Composite Superman appears in DC


Mora also gave a sneak peek on Instagram. 

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The original Composite Superman

When you combine Batman and Superman into one person you may end up with a superhero or a supervillain. And in the 1964 version, we had a conflicted character. What started as an evil villain ended dying a hero’s death.

In World’s Finest #142 the original Composite Superman was introduced back in 1964. 

His not-so-secret identity was named Joseph Meach. He was a down-on-his-luck diver when Superman saved him. Meach was offered a janitor’s job at the Superman Museum. 

Meach was not happy with his new job. And was a disgruntled custodian the night a bolt of lightning struck an exhibit about the Legion of Super-Heroes.? And the collective powers of the Legion were transferred to Meach.

Modern-day Batman/Superman

Exactly who the new character is and how he gets his powers will be revealed in WF #4. 

The upcoming issue will continue the epic battle between Batman and Superman against Green Lantern.  Although he is a fellow member of the Justice League, the Green Lantern is mind-controlled by the devil Nezha.