Cops Fired Over Treatment of Man Paralyzed: Reckless Actions and Lack of Compassion Draw Outrage

Cops Fired Over Treatment of Man Paralyzed

In a shocking incident that left a man paralyzed while in police custody, two cops in Connecticut were fired on Wednesday night.

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The incident, which occurred in June 2022, involved Richard “Randy” Cox, who suffered a severe neck injury when the police van abruptly braked.

With his hands cuffed behind his back and no seat belts, Cox’s pleas for help were met with disbelief and mockery by several officers.

Cops fired : Unacceptable Conduct and Criminal Charges

The internal affairs investigation revealed the officers’ appalling behavior toward Cox. Upon arriving at the police station, they incorrectly accused him of being drunk, dragging him out of the van by his feet.

The New Haven Police Commission, after suspending and criminally charging four officers, took the decisive step of firing officers Jocelyn Lavandier and Luis Rivera.

City Mayor Justin Elicker expressed his unequivocal disapproval, stating that Cox’s treatment was unacceptable.

City Police Commissioners’ Vote and Criminal Charges

The City of New Haven took action against the officers responsible for Cox’s paralysis. The commissioners voted to dismiss Lavandier and Rivera for their reckless actions, which violated various officer conduct rules, including trustworthiness and respect.