Cops Fired Over Treatment of Man Paralyzed: Reckless Actions and Lack of Compassion Draw Outrage


This decision was accompanied by criminal charges against the two officers, as well as three others involved in the incident.

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Delayed Accountability and Pending Cases

While four commissioners voted in favor of the terminations, two abstained due to their absence from the hearings.

Additionally, the decision regarding the potential firing of two other officers involved in Cox’s detention was postponed.

Lavandier and Rivera’s lawyer was contacted for comment but did not respond.

Cops fired : Heart-Wrenching Pleas and Negligent Treatment

Cox’s cries for help reverberated through the police station as he lay paralyzed. In a video captured by the police, he desperately implored, “I can’t move. I’m going to die like this. Please, please, please help me.” Internal affairs investigators determined that Lavandier and Rivera callously dragged Cox, mocked him, and falsely accused him of being drunk while he remained paralyzed.

Paralyzed and Seeking Justice

As a result of the incident, Cox suffered paralysis from the chest down and initiated a $100 million lawsuit against the officers and the city.