Cuban Protests Spark New Divide Between Republicans, Democrats


In real time, the Cuban people are fighting for their liberation and freedom. Cubans have gone to the streets; they’re now taking a stance against a communist, repressive regime that has subjected them to tyranny for six decades.

The response from the Cuban government only highlights the real danger of communism. The communist regime responded to protests from its people by cutting off internet access, electricity, water, and more. Some Cubans have even been put to death for daring to stand against an evil, crushing communist regime.

Across the world, protests are happening as people stand in support of the Cuban people’s freedom. However, as Republicans here in America also back the Cuban protesters, Democrats are either hesitating to speak out or outrightly condoning the communist regime in Cuba.

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Differences in reactions to Cuban protests

Republicans here in the states have made it very clear that right-wing support rests with the Cuban people. Conservative leaders, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are writing to President Biden, calling on him to help restore internet access to Cuban citizens. Support for the Cuban people has also taken place in the form of peaceful protests throughout several states across the nation.