Over 50% of Voters Reject Biden’s Door-to-Door COVID Vaccination Initiative


Not too long ago, the Biden administration announced its plan to carry out a door-to-door vaccination initiative. The White House argues that due to a “Delta” variant of COVID, getting more Americans inoculated against the infamous virus is a priority.

For a reason that escapes many people, the Biden White House decided that a door-to-door vaccination plan would work well. There’s even a reported script circulating around the internet of what officials are supposed to say when they go to the doors of the unvaccinated.

As it turns out, however, the door-to-door vaccination plan of the Biden administration is widely unpopular. More than half of the country’s voters have made their opposition against this initiative very apparent.

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What Americans really think of Biden’s door-to-door vaccination initiative

This week, Rasmussen Reports polled Americans to get their views about the White House’s aforementioned plans to increase vaccination rates. Merely 37% of Americans expressed support for the door-to-door COVID vaccination initiative of the White House. Meanwhile, an overwhelming 53% of Americans stated they weren’t on board with this plan.