Cyberattack: Ukraine targeted Russia implicated


“Yesterday, on February 15, the largest DDoS attack in the history of Ukraine was carried out on government websites, on the banking sector,” said Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

The cyberattacks knocked out 10 Ukrainian websites and hit the state-owned Privatbank and Sberbank. And they reported issues with online payments and the banks’ apps.

“This attack is unprecedented, it was prepared in advance,” he reportedly continued, mentioning how the attacks – designed to flood websites with traffic and shut them down — involved IP addresses from Russia, China, Uzbekistan, and the Czech Republic.

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 “And the key goal of this attack is destabilization, it is to sow panic, to do everything so that a certain chaos appears in our country,” Fedorov added.

llya Vityuk, who leads the cybersecurity department of Ukraine’s state security service said Wednesday that Russia may be involved. And that, “against the backdrop of massive panic about a possible military invasion, the only country that is interested in the Russian Federation,” he claimed.