Dallas Zoo Drama: Suspect charged with monkey theft claims to be an animal lover 


Where the tamarin monkeys are concerned Irvin explained to police that after dark on January 29. He jumped the fence and entered the zoo. 

The suspect was caught on surveillance video during this breach of the zoo.

He admits he cut a hole in the metal mesh enclosure of the languor habitat. 

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According to arrest warrant affidavits, the monkeys named Bella and Finn were taken. And Irvin carried them on the Dallas light rail train to Lancaster. He then walked a couple of miles with them to the church-owned vacant home.  

The monkeys were taken in the early hours of Monday. And discovered on Tuesday evening in the middle of a record-breaking ice storm in a closet of the vacant home. 

Vulture’s death remains a mystery

Multiple news outlets reported, Irvin’s arrest last Thursday. An employee at the downtown Dallas World Aquarium recognized Irvin from the video the police made public.  Aquarium staff got suspicious of Irvin questioning them about animals at that site.

The police and Fish and Wildlife authorities are still investigating, the death of Pin the beloved endangered vulture at the zoo. And there is also the matter of multiple cats, pigeons, and dead feeder fish. And fish food that went missing from a staff-only area of the Dallas Zoo earlier in January.