Paul Pelosi’s attacker David DePape describes his bizarre break-in at Speakers’ house


DePape told the officer that by calling 911, Paul Pelosi was “pushing me into a corner where I have to do something.”

After the three-minute call, Paul Pelosi was sitting on a bed. “I tell him really frankly … I have other targets and I can’t be stopped by him, and if I have to go through him I will.”

When the police knocked the door was opened by both men who were holding the hammer with their right hands.  

David DePape attacks Paul Pelosi 

“I think he grabs the hammer so that I don’t hit him in retaliation (for the police showing up),” DePape told the sergeant.

“He thinks that I’ll just surrender. I didn’t come there to surrender. And I told (Paul Pelosi) that I will go through him. So, I basically yanked it away from him and hit him. I’m there for the fight. If you stop me from going after evil, you will take the punishment instead.”

The body-cam video shows that DePape pulled the hammer from Pelosi and hit him “full force.”

Pelosi received multiple skull fractures. He required surgery and was hospitalized for a week.