Paul Pelosi’s attacker David DePape describes his bizarre break-in at Speakers’ house


On Friday, interview tapes, the 911 call, surveillance footage, and police bodycam recordings of David DePape,43 were released to the public by court order. 

The recording of DePape’s interrogation by a San Francisco police sergeant took place hours after he attacked Paul Pelosi, 82.

In the early-morning hours of Oct. 28, 2022,  DePape broke into Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco. And severely wounded her husband before he was taken into custody.  

The 82-year-old speaker, second in line to the presidency, has an official security detail around the clock. But her home and husband don’t get protection benefits.

David DePape appears on surveillance footage

DePape was a former pro-nude activist in the LGBTQ circle. He was a familiar face in the San Francisco scene.

The bizarre conspiracy theorist was previously accused of sexually abusing his sons and stepdaughter as children.

Recently he has been living in a rented garage in Richmond.

He can be seen on camera going around the residence looking for a way to break in. Although cameras were installed around the Democratic leader’s home more than eight years ago, they were not being actively monitored by the Capital police.