Should Democrats Fret Over 2018 Midterm Elections?


With this year’s midterm elections on the political horizons, many Americans have weighed in on whether or not Democrats or Republicans ought to fret. However, one Fox News op-ed writer believes that Democrats, and not Republicans, should be more concerned.

2018 Midterm Elections, Democrats, and Republicans

Politicians on both sides of the aisle are all too eager to opine whether or not Republicans or Democrats will emerge as the victors of this year’s upcoming midterm elections. Either Republicans will retain (or strengthen) their control of the House and Senate or Democrats will regain control of one (or both) of these factions of Congress.

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In order for Republicans to lose control of the House, they would have to cease to retain at least 24 seats. However, the GOP would only have to lose two Senate seats in order for the Democrats to regain control.

As noted by Fox News, history has proven that the party which lacks Congressional control usually emerges as the victor of midterm elections. Nevertheless, the 15 point advantage that Democrats once had over the GOP has evaporated. Some people have attributed the aforementioned former lead to “poll bias.”

Others asserted that various events which have transpired in the past month engendered the Democrats’ latest polling decline.

Recent Political Events and their Potential Impacts on 2018 Midterm Elections

First and foremost comes the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The success of this legislation serves as a major victory for President Trump and the GOP. Many Democrats conversely slammed the foregoing tax bill as a “scam.”

Democrats also stated that the true beneficiaries of the legislation only consist of wealthy Americans.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi even came under fire for referring to the plethora of employee wage increases and bonuses as “crumbs.” Republicans have habitually responded to critics of the tax bill by slamming them as out-of-touch with average, everyday Americans.

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Next comes last month’s government shutdown. January’s 72-hour government shutdown followed after Democrats refused to vote for a spending bill designed to preserve the functionality of the government. Many Americans viewed this occurrence as a battle between the GOP and the Democrats. After the latter conceded to vote in favor of the spending bill, thus re-opening the government, some people opined that the GOP ultimately “won” the battle.

President Trump’s recent State of the Union Address was also noted as a potential reason for Democrats to worry. During the SOTU, many Democrats refused to clap, even when the President mentioned national improvements that generally transcend partisanship, such as employment increases. Furthermore, President Trump opined that “Americans are Dreamers, too.” This pleased conservatives who believe Democrats prioritize illegal immigrants over Americans.

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Finally, the Fox News op-ed writer cites President Trump’s accomplishments as causes for Democrats to be concerned. Under the current President, unemployment rates and attempts to illegally enter the U.S. have decreased. Conservatives have moreover touted the aforesaid changes (and more) as victories for the GOP.

Which Party Will Win the 2018 Midterm Elections?

In actuality, the fate of midterm elections remains unknown. However, Americans on both sides of the aisle continue to speculate about which party will win.

2018 midterm elections will take place on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. A report on the results of the elections will follow this one.