Elon Musk supports Epic Games in battle with Apple


“It only applies to digital goods accessible on iOS.’ they say. But in the future, all physical goods will have a digital presence. And Apple will tax and ‘gatekeep world commerce. Apple must be stopped.”

Epic Games also announced they are partnering in an event with U.S. singer Ariana Grande. Her headline performance of Fortnite’s Rift Tour event is creating a lot of excitement. 

Coalition for App Fairness

The Coalition for App Fairness was formed last year. It is made up of media and development companies “demanding that Apple do better.”

Musk supports Epic Games in the midst of the ongoing court battle. But other “Big Tech” players like Facebook have sided with the coalition. Or at least voiced concern.

In September 2020, the coalition outlined their case. They were showing Apples’ “exploitative” and “anti-competitive” policies. And specifically targeting Apple’s 1) anti-competitive practices that favor its apps over competitors, 2) excessive fees of 15 to 30% in the App Store, and 3) ban on competing for app stores and payment methods.