Ex-Police Officer Convicted of Cold Case Murder, May Get Early Parole


Former Los Angeles police detective Stephanie Lazarus was convicted in 2012 for the 1986 murder of her ex-boyfriend’s wife, Sherri Rasmussen. The cold case murder was solved through DNA after over 20 years.

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Sentenced to 27 years to life in prison, she is eligible for early release due to a 2018 California law. The law aids offenders who were younger than 26 when their crimes were committed to get early release.  

Lazarus now 63 was a junior police officer and 25 when she killed Sherri.

After only a decade behind bars, the recent parole decision, and the family’s vehement objections.

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1986 Cold Case Murder

Sherri Rasmussen, a nursing director, was murdered in her Southern California condo. She was described by her family as bright, loving, and kind.