Exit of NASA’s Human Spaceflight Head Week Before Launch Causes Concern

NASA's head of its human spaceflight office, Douglas Loverro, quit just eight days before NASA is supposed to send two astronauts into space. (photo credit: NASA.gov)

NASA’s human spaceflight chief has quit just one week prior to the government organization’s design to send off astronauts from the United States for the first time in nine years, sparking concern in Congress regarding how the chaos may disorganize the momentous mission, POLITICO reported.

For only seven months was Douglas Loverro the associate administrator for the human exploration and operations mission directorate. He stated that he was departing from government organization “with a very, very heavy heart” after committing a “mistake” while he was in the NASA position. That’s what a letter to staff, of which POLITICO got ahold, revealed.

“Throughout my long government career of over four-and-a-half decades I have always found it to be true that we are sometimes, as leaders, called on to take risks,” said Loverro, who had labored at the hush-hush National Reconnaissance Office. “The risks we take, whether technical, political, or personal, all have potential consequences if we judge them incorrectly. I took such a risk earlier in the year because I judged it necessary to fulfill our mission. Now, over the balance of time, it is clear that I made a mistake in that choice for which I alone must bear the consequences.”

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