Facebook safety features added in response to whistleblower


Facebook says it will do better to protect teens on Instagram. And Facebook safety features will also be put in place. They claim this is in response to the recent whistleblower

 Nick Clegg, Vice President of Global Affairs told several Sunday morning talk shows the company plans to implement new Facebook safety tools. And the tools will divert users away from harmful content. And give concerned parents more control of their teens’ Instagram accounts.

The VP explained that the tech mega-giant was responding to whistleblower Frances Haugen’s Senate testimony before the Senate last week. 

Before testifying Haugen hit the morning talk shows. The ex-Facebook employee also leaked documents that indicate Facebook-owned Instagram is harmful to teens.

Facebook safety features and audit

Some of the tools urge younger users on Instagram for long periods of time to “take a break.”  Other features will allow Facebook users to reduce or opt out of politics.

The company’s planned “Instagram Kids” program has been paused. And Clegg says not implementing the service, for children 13 and under, is a part of the solution.