Family of Stanford soccer star Katie Meyer files wrongful death lawsuit 


Six months after the coffee spilling incident, Stanford’s Office of Community Standards, sent an email informing Katie of impending disciplinary action, the lawsuit states.

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The email informed her that her degree was placed “on-hold” 3-months before graduation.

Katie’s parents said she was facing repercussions for defending her teammate.

The lawsuit claims that when she received the “threatening’ email it caused her “to suffer an acute stress reaction that impulsively led to her suicide.”

According to the lawsuit, “The actions that led to the death of Katie Meyer began and ended with Stanford University.”  

“The formal disciplinary charge letter related to spilled coffee also informed Katie her diploma was being placed on hold only three (3) months shy of her graduation; threatening her status as a Stanford student, Captain and member of the Soccer team, Residential Advisor, Mayfield Fellow, Defense Innovative Scholar, and her ability to attend Stanford Law school, amongst many other things,” per the court documents.

Katie Meyers responded before suicide

After receiving the letter, the soccer star immediately responded. The lawsuit claims she wrote an email, telling the university she was “shocked and distraught” over the disciplinary action.