Family of Stanford soccer star Katie Meyer files wrongful death lawsuit 


“Stanford employees failed to support Katie when she expressed feelings of despair, she wrote that she was ‘terrified an accident will destroy my future.’ And she said she had ‘been scared for months that my clumsiness will ruin my chances of leaving Stanford on a good note.’ She added that she was experiencing much ‘anxiety’ related to the OCS Process,” the lawsuit added.

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Noting that Meyer had no history of depression or self-harm, the lawsuit said she was planning for her future. In the days before her death, she purchased plane tickets. She was planning a birthday party. And she was attending her classes and going to soccer practices as she normally did.

Stanford refutes wrongful death claims

 Stanford University spokesperson Dee Mostofi refuted the lawsuit’s claims.

“The Stanford community continues to grieve Katie’s tragic death and we sympathize with her family for the unimaginable pain that Katie’s passing has caused them,” Mostofi said.

“However, we strongly disagree with any assertion that the university is responsible for her death. While we have not yet seen the formal complaint brought by the Meyer family, we are aware of some of the allegations made in the filing, which are false and misleading,” Mostofi added.