FBI PIN warns that ransomware attackers are calling to threaten their victims


DoppelPaymer ransomware victims are receiving phone calls from the hackers after their systems are infected by the malware and ransom demands are made.

Cybersecurity writer and researcher Graham Cluley reported that an FBI PIN (Private Industry Notification) is being sent to companies to alert them to the ransomware gang’s newest tactics. 

DoppelPaymer ransomware gangs use threats and intimidation

According to a December 10 FBI PIN warning, “ Since late August 2019, unidentified actors have used DoppelPaymer  ransomware to encrypt data from victims within critical industries  worldwide such as healthcare, emergency services, and education, interrupting citizens’ access to services.” 

DoppelPaymer ransomware has infected many major target since its emergence in June 2019. The hackers responsible are “…routinely demanding six- and seven-figure ransoms in Bitcoin (BTC).”

“Prior to infecting systems with ransomware, the actors’ exfiltrate data to use in extortion schemes and have made follow-on telephone calls to victims to further pressure them to make ransom payments.”