Federal Aviation Administration Now Blamed For Air Travel Issues


At this time, Airlines for America also insists that it’s doing everything possible to ensure customers have positive, easy-going experiences amid air travel. Yet, unfortunately, multiple airlines have ended up reducing the number of flights they offer.

This remains due to reported shortages in pilots to fly planes and other critical staffers.

Not so fast?

The FAA isn’t so quick to take the blame for air travel issues happening in America. After the remarks from Airlines for America, the FAA promptly pushed back.

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According to the body, airlines stand as the culprits for air travel impediments, notably since they collected COVID relief funds to the tune of $54 billion.

Furthermore, the FAA asserted it’s put together different route plans, along with controllers in places that deal with heavy traffic levels.

The bottom line

As Airlines for America and the FAA duke it out, travelers remain on the losing end of what’s happening.

During Father’s Day weekend, thousands of flights did not reach their intended destinations on time or at all. Some flights suffered serious delays; whereas others failed to ever leave the ground.