Firefighters Arrested for Alleged Gang Rape: Incriminating Text Messages Uncovered 


She described her state as “terrified,” with Heyman allegedly assuming a commanding role, instructing and coaching the other two perpetrators.

In a desperate attempt to escape, the woman fabricated an excuse to use the restroom and managed to climb out of a window. 

She was discovered by a couple near the swimming pool, doubled over and in tears. They called the police around 11 p.m.

The woman told law enforcement that while she initially engaged in consensual sex with one of the men, the situation drastically changed after she “lost a couple of hours,” with at least two men raping her. And everything that happened in the bedroom was not consensual.

All of the attorneys for the accused men contend that everything was consensual. And the courtroom will be marked by conflicting narratives.

Incriminating text messages

The victim’s sister is a lieutenant at Albuquerque Fire Rescue. And she had introduced Portillo to her sister.

Police obtained a breakthrough when they examined the sister’s phone and uncovered a series of text messages that appeared to refer to the alleged rape.