Firefighters Arrested for Alleged Gang Rape: Incriminating Text Messages Uncovered 


Portillo, in one message, expressed being “upset with” himself and admitted that “alcohol influenced questionable decisions.” 

Heyman, too, allegedly sent a text to the sister, apologizing if he had lost her trust and professing his deep care for her. These texts provided a troubling glimpse into the mindset of the individuals involved.

Further incriminating evidence surfaced in text messages exchanged between Heyman and Martin on July 18. 

In these messages, Heyman expressed a desire to keep the incident concealed, writing, “I don’t think she wants people knowing about it.” 

Martin responded with a similar sentiment, asserting, “I would hope it doesn’t get out unless the worst happens or we mention it,” followed by Heyman’s pledge of secrecy, saying, “I’ll never say a word about it to anyone, and I’m sure [Portillo] is on the same page.”

Adding another layer to the investigation, police revealed that Heyman had conducted an internet search on August 7, inquiring about “how long does DNA stay in vagina.”