Firefighters Arrested for Alleged Gang Rape: Incriminating Text Messages Uncovered 


Two New Mexico firefighters and a retired firefighter from the same department found themselves in court this week. They are facing allegations of engaging in a gang rape following a golf tournament.

Investigators uncovered incriminating text messages and internet search history, shedding light on the allegations.

Aden Heyman, 46, Angel Portillo, 36, and Anthony Martin, 44, are charged with criminal sexual penetration in the second degree.

Their arrest on Wednesday night sent shockwaves through the Albuquerque community.

“We were made aware of APD’s criminal investigation in July and took immediate steps to launch an internal investigation to determine if the employees violated AFR policies,” Fire Chief Emily Jaramillo said in a statement.

 “The three employees were immediately placed on administrative leave. The allegations were alarming, and we determined a thorough investigation was necessary to determine the facts. We are fully cooperating with APD investigators and treat these allegations seriously. Now that criminal charges have been filed in court, we will respect the judicial process and refrain from commenting on details of the case,” she added.