Rainstorm Strands Thousands at Burning Man in Black Rock, Shelter-in-Place Orders


Tens of thousands of Burning Man attendees found themselves stranded when a rainstorm transformed the Nevada desert into a muddy swamp. Roads in and out were impassable.  And festival-goers were trapped in the makeshift city of Black Rock.

Organizers and federal authorities scrambled to address the crisis, urging the attendees to conserve food and water, and take shelter. And advising against further attempts to enter or leave the rain-soaked event.

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Burning Man quagmire

Burning Man organizers issued warnings to attendees via social media, emphasizing the need to conserve food, water, and fuel while seeking refuge from the inclement weather on Friday. The temporary airport known as 88NV was also shuttered.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced Saturday that anyone trying to drive to the playa where the festival is held would be turned around.