Flashback: Republicans Remembering Maddow Hysteria While Not Engaging with Emotional Liberals


“That unconfirmed super inflammatory dossier of information was reportedly collected by a well-respected former MI6 British intelligence operative. It was published online last month whereupon that former British intelligence operative promptly disappeared,” Maddow continued. “He took himself off the grid. His business partner said he did it for his own safety.”

Much of the next two years were spent, emotionally gushing over whether or not Trump colluded with Russia. The “unconfirmed dossier of dirt on Donald Trump that the Russian government had allegedly collected” that Maddow continually referred to turned out to be labeled “unsubstantiated and unreliable” despite being promoted by the MSNBC host from the onset of Trump’s presidency.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller eventually concluded in 2019 that a Trump campaign-Russia collusion didn’t exist, contradicting MSNBC’s daily narrative. Maddow claimed additional conspiracy theories at the time, such as that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was a plant by Vladimir Putin. Another recurring topic was the “Secret Steele Dossier,” which was set up similar to a school-aged child’s T-chart. Steele’s information on the left-hand side, “Corroboration/Analyst Notes” on the right.