Former Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell says Biden Can Beat Trump in 2020 Presidential Election

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell
Credits: Associated Press (AP)/Matt Rourke

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell believes that former Vice President Joe Biden is currently the strongest candidate to stop President Donald Trump from re-election in 2020.

On Thursday, Biden announced his decision to run for president, joining more than a dozen Democrats eager to stop Trump’s re-election. He made the announcement in a campaign video.

Rendell said Biden is not afraid to stand up to Trump

During an interview with Fox News’ Outnumbered Overtime, Rendell said Biden’s video announcing his candidacy was “spectacular.” He explained the former Vice President’s message resonates with all Democrats.

“The polls almost uniformly show that 70 percent of Democrats want someone who is moderate or left of center…. and 90 percent of Democrats say the most important thing for them is someone who can beat Donald Trump, who can stand up to Donald Trump. I think the message that Joe Biden was delivering is ‘look, polls show I’m the best candidate to run against Donald Trump and I’m not afraid to take him on,” said Rendell