Manhunt Intensifies for Framingham Rapist: Stephen Gale Identified with DNA Evidence


In a breakthrough development, Massachusetts authorities have unveiled the identity of the “Framingham rapist.” The long-sought suspect linked to two assaults and a robbery that shook the Framingham community in 1989. 

Stephen Paul Gale, now-71, has been identified through advanced genetic genealogy techniques. It was only through advance in this technology that authorities were able to pinpoint a suspect after over three decades.

On Tuesday, Framingham Police Chief Lester Baker issued a statement. He thanked the victims for their courage and persistence, saying, “Without their ongoing help and courage, we would never have been able to finally have a break in this horrific crime.”

“It’s been a long time coming — over 30 years now — and I am grateful to now have the opportunity to finally tell them — and their loved ones — that all of their efforts have not been in vain,” Baker added.

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