Chinese Citizen Journalist Zhang Zhan to be Released After Four Years in Prison


This week marks the end of a four-year ordeal for Chinese citizen journalist Zhang Zhan who is set to be released from prison. She became well-known for her coverage of the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The news is eagerly awaited by supporters and human rights activists. But there is some doubt if the government will really release her. And her status is unknown at the current time.

Chinese woman jailed over Covid reporting in Wuhan is set to be freed (

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Chinese Citizen Journalist

She is best known as an independent journalist in China’s tightly controlled media landscape.

Zhan, a former lawyer hailing from Shanghai, garnered international attention when she ventured to Wuhan in February 2020. This is where she began reporting on the unfolding crisis as Covid-19 gripped the city and the nation.