Chinese Citizen Journalist Zhang Zhan to be Released After Four Years in Prison


She garnered worldwide attention reporting information surrounding the outbreak. This angered the Chinese Communist Party who maintained strict control over the narrative.

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Her arrest in May 2020 under the vague charges of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” was widely condemned as a means to suppress dissenting voices. Subsequently, she was sentenced to a four-year prison term by a Shanghai court.

Throughout her incarceration, concerns mounted over Zhang’s health as she resorted to hunger strikes to protest against her conviction and mistreatment. Reports emerged indicating her deteriorating condition, with supporters fearing for her life.

Repressive Regime

While anticipation surrounds Zhang’s impending release, uncertainties loom over the conditions she may face post-incarceration. Activists have expressed apprehension that she could be subjected to surveillance and other restrictions, hindering her access to necessary medical treatment and impeding her freedom of movement.

Amnesty International has called for Zhang’s release to mark a new chapter in her struggle for justice and human rights. The organization emphasized the need for China to respect the rights of defendants and prisoners in accordance with the law.