FSU backs away – forges ahead on Greek Life. Restoration seems imminent.


FSU had originally floated impositions on this minority class of FSU students like: 24-hour searches, mandatory drug test, required public “service,” an alcohol ban, even in their homes and even for 21-year-olds, and a host of other terrifyingly onerous regulations, including a massive “Greek tax,” simply for the mere allowance of recognition from the university.

We praise FSU’s administration for backing away from those proposals. If they wanted to get people’s attention, they succeeded!

While we are told that a reasonable settlement is now in reach, FSU’s Greeks should not lose sight of what could have been put upon them, for perhaps they yet still dangle but one tragedy away from a similar abyss.

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Assuming Greek Life is soon restored, it will be up to the young men and women members of FSU’s fraternities and sororities to determine their fate from here. Their behavior, conduct, leadership, and mistakes will most assuredly be watched more closely.

Chief among their first actions should be to immediate impose upon their own membership a series of reminders of the purpose of their own organization. While their social enlightenment is and should be a primary purpose of their fraternal existence, how they govern themselves therein and elsewhere will define them henceforth.