FSU backs away – forges ahead on Greek Life. Restoration seems imminent.


Thrasher and his VP of student affairs Amy Hecht were wise to back away from some initial, draconian proposals floated in the process.  They instead sought common ground and will apparently adopt fair and reasonable new regulations on fraternities and sororities.

We can only hope that Andrew Coffey’s tragic death will remind Greeks of their origin and proper role on campus.

USA Herald was critical of FSU’s initial approach to regulating fraternity and sororities for the simple reason that the regulations proposed summarily dismissed the Bill of Rights and exposed these campus leaders to what amounts to nothing less than totalitarian rule.

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Living under totalitarianism is not the lesson our university should teach young voters. No student attending a public university should be forced to give up their civil liberties for the mere ability to freely associate. These liberties are sacrosanct, fought for and won generations ago in our great land with the blood of patriots.

FSU already ignores the proper role and right of due process in regulating its Greek organizations when complaints arise, with immediate suspension or a presumption of guilt, but these newly proposed regulations went much further.  FSU offered punitive restrictions in its initial approach, it offered plenty of sticks, but not a single carrot.