FSU backs away – forges ahead on Greek Life. Restoration seems imminent.


Credit John Thrasher for having the courage to tap the brakes. Many university Presidents would love to have the courage to take on their Greek Letter Organizations (GLO’s).

Even following the tragic death of a young fraternity man, there are not many big, public university presidents in the South who would take such drastic measure as a system-wide suspension. Thrasher deserves our praise for both the suspension and for his genuine motives behind it.

Many proud and prominent “Greek” FSU alumni, legislators and donors have fond memories of their time on FSU’s campus as Greeks. Most are eager to see the system restored and have trusted Thrasher to bring it back with a reasonable approach and in a reasonable amount of time.

While there has been some restlessness regarding the long duration that has passed since the initial suspension, and after a difficult week of negotiation, hand-wringing, arm twisting and pushback in all directions, the time now seems right at FSU to lift the suspension and begin a new and better approach to Greek Life.