Georgia’s David Perdue Slams Stacey Abrams as a “Fraud”


Likewise, Perdue made a point of noting that Abrams’ lies deem her as a fraud and she will therefore never serve as governor of Georgia.

Later, the former senator called out his Democrat gubernatorial opponent for ducking Joe Biden when he visited Georgia to talk against the filibuster and for leftist elections bills.

Perdue called Abrams corrupt, noting her refusal to appear on the same stage as Biden.

Finally, the Republican candidate for the Georgia governorship noted how Biden is now conveniently looking into Abrams’ sister as a possible nominee to fill an upcoming Supreme Court vacancy.

More on Perdue vs. Abrams

In order for Perdue to face Abrams in the general election, he’ll have to oust Kemp in the GOP primary.

Perdue remains adamant that Kemp’s leadership allowed Abrams to walk all over him and hurt the state of Georgia. Furthermore, the former senator called out Abrams for breaking the mask mandates she’s endorsed.