Gillibrand Slams Trump in New “Broken Promises” Campaign Ad


2020 Democrat candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is certainly working hard to become the next president of the United States. To improve her standing in the polls and amongst Democrat voters, she has released a new 30-second long campaign ad.

Gillibrand’s ad will air on television this week; moreover, her ad is directly geared towards voters in Pennslyvania, Ohio, and Michigan. Notably, these are states which President Trump won in 2016, despite the odds against him.

Reviewing Gillibrand’s “Broken Promises” Ad

In Gillibrand’s ad, she showcases clips of President Trump on the campaign trail in 2020. Those chosen clips have then-candidate Trump talking about improving infrastructure, bringing back manufacturing jobs, and lowering the fees of prescription drugs. After these clips, Gillibrand’s ad then displays “NO MORE BROKEN PROMISES” across the screen.

The obvious implication here is that the president failed to better American infrastructure, restore manufacturing jobs, or reduce prescription drug costs. Finally, the ad concludes with a voiceover of Kirsten Gillibrand vowing to “take on the fights no one else will.” According to her campaign, running this ad on television for the next couple days costs tens of thousands of dollars.