GM-Nikola deal still not closed as controversy continues


In California, the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) program gives out EV credits to automakers that make and sell electric vehicles. There are 14 other states in the U.S. that award EV credits through similar programs.

Tesla has a history of amassing EV regulatory credits from various sources around the world. These credits are given to automakers based sometimes on the number of electric vehicles sold. And sometimes they are based on emissions that come from the vehicles sold.

EV manufacturer circles the wagons

When Nikola CEO Trevor Milton had to step down, Steve Girsky, replaced him. Girsky, co-founder and board member of VectoIQ, is also the former GM Vice Chairman. It was VectoIQ that took Nikola public earlier this year through a reverse merger.

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GM was introduced to Nikola through Steve Girsky, and Mary Chan, managing partners of VectoIQ, LLC. Both worked for GM at the top, before they formed VectoIQ.

On Wednesday, the EV manufacturer canceled its product showcase scheduled for December, citing coronavirus concerns.