Gold Bars in Sen. Bob Menendez Bribery Scandal Linked to a 2013 Robbery


Gold bars seized in the FBI search of Senator Bob Menendez’s residence are now tied to a 2013-armed robbery involving New Jersey businessman Fred Daibes. The bars’ serial numbers now link the ongoing bribery case against Menendez and Daibes with the earlier robbery.

Menendez’s wife, Nadine, allegedly gave two gold bars with matching serial numbers to a jeweler for sale.

The Bergen County prosecutor’s records detail that Daibes reported the 2013-armed robbery to Edgewater, New Jersey police. He reported the theft of $500,000 in cash and 22 gold bars. 

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Gold bars evidence

Several of the gold sticks recovered by the police during the robbery investigation were later linked to Daibes, the same individual now implicated in the bribery case against Menendez.