GOP campaign ads dominate airwaves in crucial Georgia Senate runoffs

GOP loeffler purdue georgia senate race

With control of the Senate on the line, Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia are hell-bent on preventing the dominance of the Democratic party in Washington.

The two reportedly held an early advantage over the airwaves in their two runoff races, which will decide whether President-elect Joe Biden sits down in Washington with a Senate majority to push his policy agenda or a Republican-led chamber that could stifle his plans.

Based on Kantar’s Campaign Media Analysis Group, political parties have already spent more than $126 million to advertise for the seven-week campaign. The Republicans exceed Democrats $77.2 million to $49.3 million, CNN reported.

Both Perdue and Loeffler earlier failed to hit the 50 percent threshold on Election Day, pushing the runoff with their Democratic opponents Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock on January 5.

In a tweet on Thursday, Perdue cited the importance of winning the battleground state in “saving America.”

“The people of Georgia know what’s at stake in this election. @KLoeffler and I are the last line of defense against the Democrats’ radical socialist agenda,” he said. “We need your help to defeat them & save our country! We win Georgia, we save America.”

Meanwhile, Loeffler herself knows how crucial the results of the January 5 vote is, as she called on Americans to “hold the line.” She is, in fact, leading the pack after spending or reserving about $42 million in ads for her race — a little less double of Warnock’s $24.4 million.

“Less than seven weeks to go. Every door knock, every phone call, and every event are more important than ever before. It’s time to hold the line — and we can’t do it without you,” she said in a tweet.

Ossoff has repeatedly said how critical the contest is in delivering Biden’s agenda, asserting how the new chief executive plans to address the pandemic and a crumbling economy.

Warnock, on the other hand, focused his campaign messaging on the kitchen-table impact on health care and wages.

Georgia began to send out absentee ballots on Wednesday. Early voting will start on December 14

Loeffler and Warnock, meanwhile, will debate on December 6. Ossoff, on the same day, will debate an empty podium. Perdue has declined to debate with him.


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