GOP Governors Association Takes Aim at Michigan’s Whitmer


This ad also shows the devastating impacts on Whitmer’s anti-travel orders. One Michigan woman, for instance, could not see her father before he died, due to Whitmer’s orders; yet, Whitmer herself had no issues with flying down to the Sunshine State to see her own dad.

Chris Gustafson, a spokesperson for the Republican Governors Association, also weighed in on these matters. Gustafson stated that due to Whitmer’s “jet-setting” to Florida and “bar-hopping” through Michigan while prohibiting other state residents from doing so, there is no option other than to fire Whitmer.

Predictably, the Michigan Democrat Party rushed to defend Whitmer and her leadership; this defense comes in spite of the multiple times that the Michigan governor broke her own edicts while harshly penalizing everyday Michiganders for doing the same.

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Rules for all or rules for none

Governor Whitmer is far from the only Democrat to fail to abide by their own edicts. Critics of this have maintained that this two-tier system is simply not sustainable; either everyone has to abide by coronavirus restrictions or no one does.