Healthcare Insurance Reform: How to Fix the Healthcare Problem


The other essential part of the equation is to open competition across state lines. This possibility would be made more realistic by a curbing of healthcare insurance regulations, as the context of the issue right now, is a lack of standardization in how different states handle insurance providers. Allowing consumers to buy insurance across state lines would knock down the barriers that are currently preventing competition in the healthcare insurance industry. A more competitive landscape would bring the industry closer in line with a free market, giving customers the ability to choose the best coverage and “vote” for top providers with their dollars. This competition would increase the quality of coverage while simultaneously decreasing the cost.

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Would changing these two factors—regulation and interstate competition—fix healthcare overnight? Of course not. However, it would help create an environment where change could be possible. Perhaps most importantly, it would provide relief to businesses and consumers alike while the elected officials in Washington work on fixing the larger problems currently plaguing the industry. Compared to the back-and-forth arguments that have raged about healthcare for years, driven by partisan politics, animosity, and self-righteousness, the progress that a more freeform healthcare insurance market could provide should be something that every person supports—regardless of political affiliation.

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Charles Laverty
Charles Laverty is a contributing writer to USA Herald and entrepreneur focused on health along with wellness. Charles passion is writing and has a knack for covering tough stories that other journalists shy away from, including but not limited to the fitness industry's profiteering over fixing the obestity epidemic. Charles Laverty is an advocate for health, wellness, and fitness. He has a knack for calling out government for bad policies, incompetence, and anti-democratic actions.