High Profile Sport Cases to Follow in 2023

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NCAA v. Alston is the high profile case led by college athletes who are pushing for more rights, greater acknowledgment, and compensation for their work. The case was recently heard by United States Supreme Court, who decided to strike down the restrictions on the college athletes name, image, likeness, or compensation. Before this case was decided, a group of three athletes around the country sued California in federal court back in 2021, before the the Alston landmark decision was made.

While the Supreme Court is busy with the NCAA, other conferences have gone to court over their own rights, for example a case involving Penn State. In the trademark case, the presiding judge stated the following, “The modern collegiate trademark- and licensing-regime has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry,” the judge said in his opinion. “But that a house is large is of little matter if it’s been built on sand. The signal is out there that the revenue model, the business model, might end up not being sustainable in its current form, or as valuable,” The judge continued in his opinion.