Hillary Clinton’s Approval Rating Plunges To 36%


Reports from Breitbart News affirm the existence of very dismal ratings for Hillary Clinton.

Everything You Need to Know About Clinton’s Current Ratings

The results of a Gallup poll place Hillary Clinton’s approval rating at 36%, while her disapproval rating has skyrocketed to 61%. Gallup also informs that Clinton’s attempts to explain her defeat to President Trump have not helped her standing whatsoever.

Clinton’s stagnant approval ratings also transcend partisanship. Democrats’ favorable views of Clinton have decreased by 1%, while her approval ratings among Republicans and Independents plummeted by 6%.

Probable Causes of Clinton’s Mounting Unfavorable Ratings

Since Clinton’s failure to secure the Presidency, she has engaged in a series of behaviors that have attracted strong criticism. For starters, she blamed many people for her election loss, including but not limited to, James Comey, the FBI, Barack Obama, and, of course, President Trump. Many Americans questioned whether or not Clinton had taken the time to consider that her email scandal, acceptance of leaked debate questions, admission to having both a public and private position, among other things may have contributed to her downfall.