Hubble Space Telescope in Safe Mode, Uncertain it will Come Back Online


NASA is still trying to restart the Hubble Space Telescope after it shut down operations due to a computer glitch. And the powerful telescope is still stuck in safe mode along with all its scientific data instruments. NASA engineers have tried three times. And failed to restore it to operational status.

The $4.7 billion super telescope unexpectedly stopped on June 13th after the main computer no longer was receiving the “keep-alive” signal. The signal is the standard “handshake” which establishes the connection between the payload and the primary computer system of the spacecraft.

NASA says there is ‘no definitive timeline for bringing the computer back online, but it still has multiple “fix” options to try.

Default to Safe Mode

NASA restarted the payload computer the day after the Hubble defaulted to safe mode. The Agency was attempting to resume normal operation. But they weren’t successful in re-establishing the link. Two additional attempts to fix the space telescope also failed.

The entire Hubble was designed to operate for 15 years. And it has been in use