Leftist Elections Bill Suffers Epic Defeat During Senate Vote


The Democrat Party’s elections bill known as For the People Act is one of the most widely partisan and divisive pieces of legislation in Congress.

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Several pieces of For the People Act are concerning to conservatives and Republicans across the nation.

The reality that this bill would shut down voter ID laws across the nation doesn’t sit well with many Americans; people throughout the country furthermore remain alarmed by the bill creating a gateway for illegal immigrants to vote with impunity. For the People Act is also written to put money paid by American taxpayers into left-wing political campaigns.

On Tuesday, Democrat lawmakers forced through a vote to determine whether the Senate could proceed with For the People Act. Suffice it to say, the outcome of this vote did not swing in the favor of the Democrat Party.

The downfall of For the People Act

For the People Act did not pass the necessary supermajority mark to continue ahead with debates. 50 Democrat senators voted for moving forward with For the People Act; 50 GOP senators voted against further proceedings of the bill. The downfall of the legislation came with the failure to obtain 60 supportive votes which would override the Senate filibuster.