Important Things For Pet Owners to Know This Thanksgiving


In five days, Americans across the nation will be gathering with their relatives, friends, and loved ones for Thanksgiving. This is a holiday where folks enjoy a delicious feast of food and time spent with people they haven’t seen in quite a while.

With the holidays coming up, much of the country is traveling, preparing to have guests over, and making various arrangements. For pet owners, however, it’s important for them to be aware of which sustenances their furry friends should or shouldn’t ingest.

Giving pets the wrong food can have disastrous consequences and ruin what would have otherwise been a very happy Thanksgiving.

Keeping all pets safe and healthy this holiday

The Animal Humane Society is advising people to remain cognizant of which scraps of food they hand to their pets on Thursday. Many people often think that pets can consume virtually anything that humans eat on Thanksgiving and this simply isn’t the case.

Turkey bones and turkey skins, for instance, shouldn’t be ingested by animals. While the former can cause choking and block pets’ gastrointestinal tracts, the latter comes with the potential to cause stomach problems, due to its high concentration of fat.