Is the Biden Administration Targeting Tesla and Elon Musk?


When questioned a UAW spokesman did not respond to Musk’s comments. But pointed to a statement from UAW President Ray Curry praising the pending bill. Ford did not immediately reply either.

Tesla not invited to EV summit

In August, the White House had a big EV summit. The event was supposed to be celebrating American-made electric vehicles. But Tesla was not invited. 

They invited the CEOs of almost every electric vehicle maker. But the largest electric car manufacturer in the U.S. was not invited. Actually, Tesla is now the largest electric car maker in the world.

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The other attendees included Ford, GM, and Stellantis (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge). 

The irony is that since June 2021 Tesla is the most American-made car.  Tesla’s Model 3, their biggest seller, is being assembled in California. And Tesla sources 55% of its parts domestically. This includes the engine and transmission. And of course, it uses primarily a USA-based workforce.

In a follow-up tweet replying to a Twitter user who said President Joe Biden should be making American-made cars a priority, Musk said “ahem,” and tagged the president’s official account.

 Targeting Tesla winner or loser

The bill also grants an additional $7,500 base consumer incentive for all new EVs sold in the US. It allows foreign-made cars to claim the incentive for five years. So Ford receives both incentives for 5 years.