Israel and Morocco signs normalization deal brokered by Jared Kushner


“The results are really what matters and I believe together we’ve achieved some historic results,” said Kushner.

“As this new Middle East moves forward, I hope that all countries will focus on pursuing common interests for the benefits of their citizens, instead of being held back by stale thinking and old conflicts,” Kushner added.

Pres. Trump promised that he will reshape the Middle East and this is what justifies the recurring visits to Arab countries— signing peace deals with Israel to end the political and diplomatic tension in the region.

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Criticisms against the normalization deal

However, President-elect Joe Biden believed the deals could undermine U.S. national security. The Abraham Accords generated a lot of criticism from countries for sidelining the Palestinian war and U.S citizens opposing the generous arm sales to Arab countries.

Tunisian president “Kais Said”, also declared on Tuesday that “Tunisia isn’t concerned with the normalization with the occupying entity.” 

Morocco’s neighboring country Algerian news journals called the Tuesday flight “Plane of Shame”, while the “Normalization is Treason” hashtag jumped to first on trending on Twitter.