Israel and Morocco signs normalization deal brokered by Jared Kushner


Many Algerian political analysts commented on “the Abraham agreement” between Israel and Morocco. They believe it’s a response to the Algerian regime after the last declaration of the Algerian president ‘Abdelmajid Tebboun’ who said in September that the normalization with Israel is a shame to all Arabs and the Palestinian cause will always be very important to Algeria.

Morocco and Polisario Front conflict

The 16 years war between Morocco and Polisario Front resulted in 9,000 deaths, long before the United Nations imposed the 1991 cease-fire, which lasted 19 years before it was violated last month when Morocco attacked the Western Saharan army. The Polisario currently receives diplomatic support from neighboring country Algeria. The Israeli plane to Morocco didn’t fly over the Tunisian or Algerian skies and took a different path above the Mediterranean Sea instead.

Israel to Morocco Abarahm Accords flight path. Flightradar24