Issues at the Southern Border May Impact Fresh Produce Prices


Many Mexican farmers are now apprehensive about sending fruits and vegetable to drivers as a result of extremely long wait times.

More on Issues at the Southern Border

Longer wait times for produce distributors is one of multiple issues at the Southern border. Many Border Patrol officials have noted the existing plights associated with illegal immigration.

Last month, the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) commissioner stated that the Southern border has arrived at its “breaking point.” The breaking point came as various border officials struggled to manage illegal immigration and ongoing detainments of individuals who already attempted to unlawfully enter the country.

Despite the statements from the CBP commissioner and others working at the Southern border, not all Americans understand the crisis at the border. As a matter of fact, some have outright stated that there is no existing crisis. Much of the skepticism in regards to the crisis at the border comes from Democrats.

If the issues at the border persist, Americans will likely notice higher prices for fresh fruits and vegetables.