Jimmy Hoffa Cold Case May Finally Be Solved: Case Breakers Investigate


The Case Breakers (CBs) is a dedicated nonprofit group of cold case investigators. The online sleuths have unearthed a potentially game-changing lead in the decades-old mystery of Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance. 

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Case Breakers 

A deathbed confession note and independent sources in 3 states led the Case Breakers (CBs) to this suspected burial spot of labor leader Jimmy Hoffa.

Their investigation led them to believe that Hoffa’s remains may be buried beneath the site of the demolished Milwaukee County Stadium.

The group’s pursuit of this cold case started with an unlikely clue: an ace of spades playing card bearing “scribbled handwriting” discovered by Jim Zimmerman, a member of the Case Breakers for over a decade. 

The coordinates provided by the playing card pointed the investigators to the former location of Milwaukee County Stadium, situated in Wisconsin, adjacent to the current home of the Milwaukee Brewers, American Family Field.