John Wick 4 Exceeds Expectations at the Box Office


John Wick 4 has likewise garnered high praise for being the best film in the series thus far. Keanu Reeves himself also spoke during interviews about the element of humor that contributes to this latest installment.

Moviegoers who see John Wick 4 will also be pleasantly surprised by a critical post-credits scene at the very end.

More John Wick to come?

Although John Wick 4 is not even one week old yet, there is already talk about the possibility of John Wick 5. Fans of the series certainly made clear their interest in seeing yet another movie of Reeves’ character duking it out with top-notch assassins in the criminal underworld.

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In previous interviews, Reeves expressed his willingness to keep making more movies if fans want them. Likewise, Chad Stahelski, the director of the John Wick series, certainly left the door open to another sequel.

Stahelski confirmed that the studio behind John Wick has every intention of keeping the franchise alive. Given the massive success of John Wick 4, a sequel may very well be on its way.